My conversation on the Geeta Chopra’s “We The People” talk show. Geeta Chopra interviews Dennis Brady on Trump’s impeachment, constitutional issues, and more.

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do you know your constitutional rights
our founding fathers died to give every
American citizen freedom of speech due
process freedom of assembly and the
freedom to pursue life liberty and
happiness rise stand tall be bold and be
grateful for your American heritage this
is the land of the free and the home of
the brave where everything is possible
and we are the people welcome to this
week’s episode of We the People
today I have Dennis Brady on in the
studio as a guest and we’re gonna be
talking about constitutional issues
including the appeasement of President
Trump citizenship issues and much more
hope you enjoy the episode
welcome to the show Dennis well thank
you for having me
well really glad to have you back oh
thank you so for those who didn’t see
the first episode that we did just tell
the audience a little bit more about
your background and then we’re going to
get into some juicy questions here okay
I I was involved in local politics for a
number of years I was a councilman and
council president
I was fire commissioner in my town close
to New Jersey I currently run a website
basically dealing with cultural issues
constitutional issues even some
religious issues so okay so I think we
can call you a constitutionalist would
that be fair well I was a constitutional
limit Aaron yes I’m originally comes
with the Constitution
oh that’s I like that word that’s not
something we hear every day so let’s uh
let’s talk a little bit more about the
impeachment at this point what do you
what are your thoughts on that I know a
lot of it has transpired already but
what do you think well I mean right now
they’re doers been kind of a war against
President Trump and I just a full
disclosure I do not vote for president
Trump um but what has been transpiring
is really pretty bad I mean they first
tried with the mobile investigation
Russian collusion which didn’t even pan
out even with 20 lawyers assigned to
robert muller who are basically Hillary
supporters but then but the whole thing
idea in terms of the abuse of power
there’s really really nothing there’s no
there but not specifying the
Constitution has abuse of power because
how how do you define that there was
they didn’t come up with bribery at all
so it asking for propel quo
the doing an investigation on on
something that many other countries were
investigating at the time Luther mania
was investigating Joe Biden’s son in
terms of money laundering and that type
of thing there’s there’s there’s not an
issue with that at all I mean you had to
impeach every president ask for a pro
quo in terms of granting granting money
which I don’t even think we should even
really have
I grant so much money of the nation’s
that you didn’t peach every presidents
ever been so so you think is more like a
political witch-hunt is that what I’m
understanding sure it is I mean even the
portion of where use of executive
privilege I mean exactly the privilege
has gone back to George Washington
George Washington was called very
heinous names at the time and the press
at the time because he wouldn’t release
discussions on the John Jay Treaty so
it’s private discussions and in the Oval
Office or where the executive branch is
is you can’t climb executive privilege
even Nixon versus the US during that
even though he had to turn over the
tapes the Supreme Court said that he was
right to ask for executive privilege
because there’s a fundamental right for
secret discussions and that’s why going
to the courts was the proper role for
Trump and the the House Judiciary
Committee could have definitely
intelligence community could have
definitely gone to the courts and let it
go through the whole process of we’re
thinking what would be granted that by
the by the federal courts and then later
on the Supreme Court but they wanted the
Russian on a political timetable so okay
so you’re glad the impeachment
proceedings are over oh yes I’m sure
there’s gonna be more but Adam Schiff is
thinking about bringing more charges huh
oh yeah so what are the implications of
the use of the steel dossier and FISA
warrant application the Russian
collision narrative and the Ukrainian
defense funds well the whole idea with
the the steel dossier and was funded by
contract by fusing GPS which was
actually we’ll hired by the Hillary
campaign so talking about Russian
collusion there was basically asking a
foreign agent to provide dirt on a
client so they’re guilty of that the
FISA warrant to have been struck down
for because you have to certify that
it’s a reliable source they did an eve
the FISA judge that that granted then
took the Justice Department asked the
FBI to task for that so okay when the
Ukrainian defense funds and any
implications for that other well I mean
the idea it’s ludicrous to say that that
Donald Trump is in the pocket of Putin
because number one the previous
administration only granted MREs and
blankets in terms of aid to to Ukraine
Trump was branding Stinger missiles
another substantial lethal aid to to the
Ukraine so to say that Trump was in the
it there’s no basis in reality for that
so okay and what do you think about NATO
in the 21st century
I think NATO is basically obsolete
we should have pulled out gradually out
of NATO back when the Soviet Union fell
in 1991 of course you know maybe given
her a couple of years for a transition
but you have many countries such as
Germany not even owning up to two
percent I believe the only countries and
I’m sure people correct me if I’m wrong
but the only countries I’ve met that
have been in the UK Poland possibly the
Czech Republic in Lithuania so a lot of
the other countries haven’t and from
Merkel to scream bloody murder pointing
up to two percent okay for the may know
I mean that’s always required yeah
they’re not right it’s mostly us I
believe we’re doing about seven percent
um well I believe we should also to
signed bilateral agreements I mean like
with Poland the previous administration
but through the we were in a process of
putting defensive missiles for short
term missiles and the poll had agreed to
do that the Obama administration would
do that and then Trump then even against
Putin’s protesting went put that diagram
back in place so
we get signed bilateral agreements with
countries that really do care about
their contributions and such as Paul and
in the UK and so on so that’s one of the
challenges you think yeah all right so
let’s talk a little bit about gun
control now I know you’re a constant
libertarian constitutionalist or
so what did the founding farmers
intended they’re writing of the Second
Amendment according to you well the
founders wanted you know the corset says
to maintain a well are well maintained
militia and people have used that and
progressives of use that saying well no
it means only for state militia no it
doesn’t I’m a militia member of backin
and parlance back in in the colonial era
was basically any free man over 21 when
he won a base they had to franchise the
bow and they would be any citizen over
18 the you know in this there’s been
recent Supreme Court decisions such as
the Heller decision Heller versus DC
where DC tried to say that um banned
handguns for use in the home for tougher
home protection that was thrown out
because that was federal action because
DC is a federal district but then a
decision which I’m kind of split on was
the McDonald vs Chicago which kind of a
granted a granted that the franchise
that right to two states and one thing
about the about cooperating in the that
right to the States neither I get into
trouble with some my friends who also
support the Second Amendment they said
well we should incorporate the Second
Amendment to everyone into all the
states and I said no there’s a danger in
that because what’s gonna happen when
you incorporate a right then the federal
government can basically change that at
some point in the future and that’s not
the way the Constitution was meant to be
so okay that’s interesting that’s a
different take so what do you think the
USS financial commitment should be in
the 21st century to to nittany no or or
I guess in general
right now we’re running talk about NATO
first well really as I said before we
should be pulling on a NATO and we
really should be very circumspect on how
we act in the world we can’t be the
policemen in the world anymore what can
we do differently well as I said before
bilateral agreements basically not
acting as a policeman in the world the
idea that America should step into every
Civil War or every internal affairs of
other countries is really important to
me so so maybe more neutral yeah I mean
as I think I mentioned this in my
previous appearance here you have Adams
saying basically we cannot be John
Quincy Adams said we can’t be looking
around for dragons to slay all over the
world all right we’re the keepers of our
own freedom no one else and and to do
that is you know you know we could wish
people well but that’s that’s why it
should be so yeah I understand
and then let’s let’s get into
immigration what’s your view on the
current immigration status I guess
visibly the Constitution and everything
well the the states gave up their right
to immigration control back in 1808
right now the immigration policy and
they look up for illegal immigration I
have no problems with legal immigration
Donald Trump the first three years of
his administration I believe the average
legal immigration is 1.1 million dollar
1.1 million people a year versus the
Obama ministration numbers eight years
about eight hundred nine hundred
thousand so the say Trump isn’t against
illegal immigrations a little you know
is a little faulty but now you think
he’s not against it and while that was
not legal immigration and then the whole
issue to of visas and everything else
need to be changed because it’s it’s a
nightmare for people well I think it
should make
rules not archaic not bureaucratic my my
biggest pet peeve is with illegal
immigration now look I mean when you all
I mean my grandparents were immigrants
that come into the country and basically
when it came into the country they were
screened for medical diseases any
communicable disease they were they were
storm actually sent back that couldn’t
be cured my grandmother watch I’ve
looked into when I was doing my family
tree was she was from the
austrian-hungarian empire she came in in
the in the early 1900s she basically was
almost deported because she had
conjunctivitis so that’s how strict they
were back then you had have a sponsor
you had to pledge not to be on the
public dole she was saying there are
more strict back then yes they are now
yes in certain ways probably not all not
always but we illegal immigrants come in
and a lot of times they’re granted
largest for instance and you’re in the
state of New Jersey children can get
free college tuition which is it’s
really from for me kind of abhorrent
that taxpayers have to pay for that a
some once in a while they’ll get for the
children’s section 8 housing coming in
immigrants illegal immigrants so how do
they apply if they’re illegal how can
they go well because it because they
have children and their parents to stay
yeah okay so well on that note we’re
coming into the 14th amendment in terms
of native-born citizenship so what can
you can you tell the viewers what that
is well the fortunate event was granted
was passed by by the states because they
deemed it to protect children of former
slaves that it could be put back into
bondage and it even if you look at the
ratification debates it was not meant to
be it was not meant to be as one son and
they’re put in the debate now for
soldier owners or people transiting
through the United States if you read
the amendment it’s
it says truven than those people are
Chunin born those are subject to
jurisdiction of the United States you’re
an illegal immigrant and you have a
child you’re not subject to the
jurisdiction Knights it’s they don’t
even know you’re here so I mean it’s it
was never meant to be that way itself
but now they’re having people where
they’re having children here and they’re
from another country and they’re coming
here just to have birth
oh yeah it’s called um was a birth
tourism well they’re ending that now I
believe the the Trump administration
putting um rolls over if a woman is five
or six months pregnant she’s coming into
the country she has to have a
justification for coming into the
country so for that so because and they
can’t claim citizenship can they still
that’s still probably gonna bid to be
debated in the courts but as I said
before I wasn’t it wasn’t meant to be
and then proof of that that people who
will come in here and legally or should
be just granted birthright citizenship
don’t forget I mean Congress didn’t in
terms of the jurisdiction clause and
that amendment Congress did not grant
native-born Americans citizenship until
the 1920s okay so and the reason being
because prior to that they were subject
to their their tribal nation hood so
they were on their jurisdiction or
tribal nation had sewn in 1920s it did
pass that wall Native America which was
a great thing all Native Americans were
granted citizenship I see okay Wow yeah
so I guess there’s been a few different
chapters and the citizenship in terms of
the Constitution right the way it’s
progress so and do you have any thoughts
on Thomas Jefferson or James Madison and
some of the founding fathers personally
Thomas Jefferson now is my favorite
president well it’s one of my favorites
I mean he did the the declaration
independence is a brilliant writer yes
and he won’t even put in there on the be
ante slavery but of course he would
never even never be able to pass it and
in the Continental Congress so i can
tell you my worst president this I would
say Woodrow Wilson okay
boy many things he basically pushed the
Federal Reserve Act which is basically
in my opinion I’m not sure I’m going to
get heat for this a ripoff of the
American people and we should be issuing
our own currency the Federal Reserve is
neither federal nor nor nor is that an
any it’s a kilometer of a bunch of
foreign by private banks and basically
they may charge enormous interest for us
to basically borrow and then just issue
money so so you’re not for the Federal
Reserve Act no for the central bank
right and then there’s many presidents
who were against it I mean JFK I was six
weeks before he was was assassinated was
wanted to pass battery didn’t executive
water I forgotten the number of it
basically the United States could issue
silver certificates and and its own
they’ve been many people who who said
the United States should keep control of
its own money be put back under the
Treasury I believe John Garfield so when
you say put control its own money so
you’re saying said the Federal Reserve
Bank what would we have in place of that
the the Treasury would issue it’s the
only notes is it there the money in your
pocket right now is issued by the
Federal Reserve not by the Treasury okay
but then what about controlling interest
rates and the money supply what did the
Treasury could do that okay so you said
they should be you can control of
setting the rates with overnight Bank
rate and should be and I believe in hard
currency I believe it should be tied to
either gold silver or bring back the
gold standard well maybe or market a
market basket of essential commodities
such as such as oil and some one so
forth yeah so I cuz they were saying oh
I guess Rich Dad Poor Dad and one of his
books mentioned that I think soon money
will be obsolete the value of money will
be obsolete I’ll just be paper well it
is just paper much for yeah I mean
that’s uh yeah and that’s one of the
reasons why in cuz inflation
I mean inflation will ensue as a result
well one reason why the president nixon
because of the gold standard because he
had to close down the the federal banks
because prior to that you could redeem
your money for gold yeah and he was
issuing because of the Vietnam War and
deficit spending there’s no way that
could happen so he took us off the gold
standard self right deficit spending
well okay well I appreciate you sharing
all these sorts of news there anything
else you’d like the viewers to know or
that you want to discuss Chloe um I
thinking what’s your boat with girls are
they gonna vote for I think it’s pretty
the last democratic debate which was
kind of a bloodbath but with the air
with the introduction of voting yes
mayor with Mayor Bloomberg coming into
the battle and my personal thoughts on
that is that basically the Democratic
establishment wants to stop for any sand
or so I mean Wow
so who are you voting for if I may ask
for this I remember ah I would be
mourning for as a curtain Donald Trump
okay I serve as a now so so unless
there’s new information information
whatever yeah I mean yes you change
daily here but all right great well
thank you again Dennis I’d like to wish
you continued success
well thank you for having me I
appreciate all your wonderful insightful
thoughts today take care
viewers hope you enjoyed if you found
this episode valuable remember to
subscribe to me on youtube and we will
catch you next week