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The Rise of Local Historic Districts,...

I am always amazed how far we Americans have drifted away from our founding   principles and passively give away our God given rights to our state and federal governments without even a whimper of protest. In my small Northeastern New Jersey borough of Closter an ordinance was passed in 2001 and updated a few times […]

Sidewalks, Hypocrisy and Local Govern...

Sidewalks, Hypocrisy and Local Government Gone Wild

Clean your finger before you point at my spots.     Benjamin Franklin I usually don’t post articles about my local town politics, since it doesn’t pertain to the vast majority of people who happen to read my blog but I will use this instance as  a case in point on what’s happening in local municipalities around […]

New Jersey Teachers, State Workers an...

New Jersey Teachers, State Workers and the Pension Crisis

NJ State Workers Pensions being under funded by approx. 34 billion dollars and in the process of becoming insolvent